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Cost of Living in Lafayette, Louisiana

Home to a thriving economy, convenient access to health care and a number of key transportation routes, Louisiana's Acadiana region is not just a great place to live — it is an affordable place to call home.

Residents enjoy a low cost of living in Lafayette across a variety of different indicators. From low prices for basic essentials such as groceries to some of the lowest residential energy costs in the country, there are many reasons why people who move to Acadiana stay in Acadiana.

With a total composite score of 89.6, the Council for Community and Economic Research ranks the Lafayette area well below the national average when it comes to overall cost of living. The same data also shows that Lafayette is a more affordable place to live when compared directly to peers — and the differences are noticeable, from nearby areas such as Houston to tech hubs in California.

A primary benefit of Lafayette’s low cost of living is the area’s easy access to quality health care. Residents of Acadiana are able to take advantage of the region’s abundance of healthcare facilities, from the region’s 17 hospitals to its more than 800 physicians and a variety of specialty treatment centers. This ideal mix of both quantity and quality ensures access to affordable health care is always nearby.

The area is also home to a number of highly-utilized transportation routes that range from airports, to railroads, to Interstate 10 and Interstate 49 — two key corridors that also happen to intersect right in the Lafayette area. Planned infrastructure enhancement projects will only improve this level of access, which has a direct correlation to a strong Acadiana economy and lower overall costs of goods.

A number of recent rankings provide additional glimpses into why Acadiana is such a fun and affordable place to live. In 2013, Area Development magazine ranked Lafayette as the top Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the nation for economic and job growth for mid-sized cities. Also in 2013, named Lafayette as a Top 10 Foodie City, which combines with the area’s low costs for groceries and dining out to provide a unique mix of culture and affordable access to key amenities that only enhance Acadiana’s status of being one of the nation’s best and most affordable places to live, work and play.

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Dallas, TX


Source – Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) Cost of Living Index, 2017 Annual Report