St. Thomas More Catholic High School

K-12 Education in Lafayette

K-12 Education in Lafayette, Louisiana is available through a great selection of public, private and magnet-style schools from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Louisiana’s school development is considered one of the most aggressive in the country — sources like Princeton Review and Education Week consistently recognize Louisiana as a top five state for teacher quality.

The region boasts numerous standout public elementary, middle and high schools. Students benefit from engaging and constructive extracurricular activities that vary from jazz band, to student-organized food drives, to championship Quiz Bowls.

In addition, the Lafayette Parish School System’s Schools of Choice program operates specialized schools across the Lafayette area. Specialty-focused academies provide students with the opportunity to take innovative coursework and immerse themselves in core academics and concentrations such as performing arts, health care and biomedicine and environmental sciences. For example, students at Lafayette’s Early College Academy are able to earn an associate’s degree in addition to a high school diploma, providing students with a unique academic advantage and a springboard into the local workforce.

Many private schools in Lafayette offer small class sizes that promote in-depth learning and foster a collaborative environment. In addition, multiple private schools in the region offer faith-based courses for students, while others offer a variety of unique programs. Students can participate in programs that involve field research along the Gulf Coast area, as well as state and national competitions across more traditional academic activities and athletic programs.