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Cajun and Creole Heritage is On Display at Festivals Acadiens et Créoles

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Each October, Lafayette hosts the Festivals Acadiens et Créoles, a large-scale festival that showcases the region’s music, folk art, food and creole culture. The festival is a weekend-long celebration that provides locals and visitors with entertaining live music and a variety of arts and crafts activities. In 2015, the festival was named a Top Ten Cultural Festival by readers of USA Today.

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles rolls three festivals into one, each with its own focus. The Festival de Musique features daily performances from dozens of Cajun and Zydeco bands throughout the weekend, and the performances continue in local restaurants and dance halls at night. The Bayou Food Festival, a culinary celebration dedicated to creole cuisine, features traditional favorites such as crawfish étouffée, alligator sausage and red beans and rice. The Louisiana Craft Fair features creative works from a multitude of artists from all over the state, giving festivalgoers the opportunity to shop for items such as handmade jewelry, carved sculptures and paintings.

Photo Credit: Denny Culbert; Lafayette Travel