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Camping, Dancing and More at Blackpot Festival and Cookoff

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South Louisiana’s annual Black Pot Festival and Cookoff brings in thousands of visitors to Lafayette’s Acadian Village every October. The weekend-long celebration provides its guests with music, dancing and Southern cuisine. A large number of bands and musicians provide a variety of music through live performances, from Cajun and Zydeco to Jazz and Blues.

The festival features the Black Pot Cookoff, a major event for both amateur and professional chefs. Contest participants set up their large black pots and cooking stations and can compete in one of three categories; Gravy, which includes dishes such as gumbo and stews; Cracklin, or fried pork rinds; and Jambalaya. All contestants cook more than enough of each dish for festival goers to enjoy, providing ample amounts of food throughout the weekend.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Savoy; Blackpot Festival and Cookoff