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Climbing Enthusiasts Enjoy Rök Haus

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Lafayette’s Rök Haus is a unique facility that features climbing walls — both indoor and outdoor — instructional classes for beginners and veterans and a sense of community for those who enjoy the sport of climbing.

Rök Haus has gained a core following of serious climbers that have relocated to the Acadiana region. The venue also attracts beginners who visit the Rök Haus looking for a unique sport. The facility provides a number of instructional classes and refreshers to both veteran and beginning climbers. Climbing 101 focuses on such aspects of climbing as basic body position, balance and footwork. Advanced courses include instruction in drop knees, static and dynamic moves, as well as flagging and dynos. Rök Haus offers group lessons for high school and college students, church youth organizations, Boy Scouts preparing for outdoor trips and more.

Photo Credit: Rök Haus