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L.J Alleman Middle School

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While keeping a heavy focus on the arts, L.J. Alleman Middle School received an A rating from the State Department of Education for 2014-15. The 4th-through-8th-grade campus has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. The campus houses a Schools of Choice arts academy for 6th-through-8th-grade students.

All L.J. Alleman students receive instruction in music and visual arts as part of the core curriculum, which includes courses in English, math and science. After the 5th grade, students can apply to the L.J. Alleman Arts Academy for advanced study of piano, dance and theater through Lafayette’s Schools of Choice program. Students in the arts curriculum have the opportunity to take unique courses such as a combined study of food traditions and portraiture.

The school’s extracurricular activities include an arts club, stomp team and jazz club. Students can participate in competitive sports programs such as football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and more.

L.J. Alleman Middle School also offers a travel program allowing students to explore foreign languages and experience international cultures. In 2013, students traveled to French-speaking Quebec, Canada.

Photo Credit: L.J. Alleman Middle School