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Lafayette High School

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Lafayette High School, a 2013 Top Gains school, offers its 8th-through-12th-grade students a number of gifted, honors and Advanced Placement classes. In addition to a core curriculum including math, science and English, students can try out for the school’s Performing Arts Academy, which offers advanced courses in the arts. The academy blends traditional academics with intensive classes in theater, dance, piano, drama and other performing arts. Graduates of this program have gone on to perform in local and national theatrical and musical productions.

The school also includes specialized academies for students interested in advanced study of health care and biomedicine. Students interested in these fields can apply to Lafayette High School’s Academy of Health Careers. The science-focused curriculum allows students to take advanced courses in a variety of health-related subjects and connects students with internships and community professionals.

Extracurricular activities for all students at Lafayette High include Key Club, cheerleading, debate and an investing and trading club. The athletic program at Lafayette High School spans football, baseball, softball, tennis, wrestling, track and field and more.